blink mini camera review & Compact | indoor plug-in smart security camera 1080 HD video

blink mini camera review : blink mini camera is best known for its line of battery-powered security cameras which will last for up to 2 years on one charge. So what better to enrich Blink’s battery-powered cameras than a cheap yet feature-rich plug-in security camera?

That’s exactly what Blink launched recently. The camera, aptly named the Blink Mini, may be a compact indoor camera. It pairs up with other Blink cameras easily, but it also can work on its own.

making it a viable entry-level device for a Blink security camera system. Amazon, which bought Blink in late 2017.

1 had just started shipping the camera once we purchased ours. And after living with the Blink Mini for a month, we’re finally able to share what we learned. Wondering about the camera’s features, video storage, and mobile app? We covered all those, so let’s get right thereto .

blink mini camera review

blink mini camera review Description

1080P HD indoor, plug-in security camera with motion detection and two way audio that allows you to monitor the within of your home day and night.

Get alerts on your smartphone whenever motion is detected or customize motion detection zones so you’ll see what matters most.

See, hear, and speak to people and pets in your home on your smartphone with Blink Mini’s live view and two-way audio features (live view isn’t continuous).

Sets up in minutes – just connect the camera, connect it to wifi, and add it to your Blink app.

Blink Mini includes a free trial of the Blink cloud storage subscription through New Year’s Eve , 2020.

For additional simple use, pair Blink Mini with a supported Alexa-enabled device to interact live view.

view recorded videos, and arm and disarm using just your voice.

blink mini camera review

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blink mini cameraٌُ review 1

UPDATED: once I saw these smaller cameras announced i used to be excited and looked forward to adding them to my existing 5 camera Blink system.

I figured these would be an excellent replacement for the XT/XT2 cameras that I had inside my house so I could then re-purpose those for extra outdoor locations.

 i assumed this was an excellent addition to the Blink camera ecosystem.

adding a lower cost camera for indoor applications like mine where the advantages of the battery power and weather-profaneness would be overkill.

Soon as they were released I ordered up a two-pack to feature to my system. I installed one among the them and located that the image quality right out of the box wasn’t the simplest but once you modify the video quality setting to “Enhanced” it’s right up there with the XT2 quality.

The motion detection may be a little spotty, as they use a replacement digital method of detecting motion (AI compares one frame to subsequent to see for changes). Some very subtle movement will show up.

 sort of a shadow moving across the viewing area, on the other hand actually walking across it won’t (sometimes).

A rep I spoke with said that they’re performing on an update to enhance the consistency of that feature.

 which can be available as an over-the-air update since it’s a digital-based feature.

which i feel is pretty cool. So originally my poor review was based round the cloud storage feature on these cameras.

blink mini camera review

ٌُblink mini camera review 2

After I purchased these cameras I looked into the cloud storage feature as all of the literature.

I found on them stated that a subscription would be required.

Since this is often different than the previous XT & XT2 systems i used to be not pleased about this. After I posted my original review a rep from Blink reached bent clarify the cloud storage situation.

So here is what I learned: If you have already got an XT or XT2 system.

then you’ll add these cameras thereto without having to urge a paid subscription. If you are doing not have a Blink system in the least.

and these cameras are the primary ones you get, then you get a free subscription until December 31st, 2020; then you’ll pay $3/month per camera then .

By then though

By then though, they decide to have released a replacement sync module with an SD card slot in order that you’ll locally store video clips without having to buy a subscription in the least . Personally I don’t think they shall have too many of us on the subscription plan.

i feel they see the SD card functionality being more of a point but that they had to piggy-back the primary adopters of those Mini cameras onto the cloud storage until the new sync module gets released.

Maybe that they had delays in getting the new sync module released at an equivalent time because the Mini thanks to factory closings round the world immediately . 

i’m much happier after this getting cleared up, but hope that they update the cloud storage & subscription info on the merchandise pages to form it much clearer how this all works. Had I checked out all of the available info before buying these, then I probably wouldn’t have purchased them supported the unclear info that’s out there. within the end.

the savior of things was the rep that contacted me from Blink. He clarified all of my concerns, gave me an excellent amount of information on the merchandise.

blink mini camera review

and answered all of my questions

and answered all of my questions (I had lot of them). To be clear, the rep didn’t once inquire from me to vary my review, take it down, or in any way artificially influence me to try to to any of these things. the good job he did led to me to vary this of my very own accord.

as they really took care of my concerns. One star deducted for the confusion but three added back certain the good CS experience. Good product can get you a buyer, but good service gets you a customer for all times .

Blink has done an incredible job turning a disappointed (and misinformed) buyer into a satisfied customer. So to recap, if you’ve got an existing Blink system.

buy these and use ‘em where you don’t need the wireless ones. If you’re looking to urge these as your first Blink setup.

get them knowing you’ll have the choice of paying for a subscription starting in 2021 or a one-time purchase of a sync module with SD card slot to store your video clips.

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