wyze cam outdoor review & Starter Bundle (Includes Base Station and 1 Camera), 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor

wyze cam outdoor review : We’ve been fans of Wyze Labs ever since it launched the $20 indoor Wyze Cam back in 2017. Since then, the corporate has released variety of smart home devices, including a door lock, light bulbs, motion sensors, and more. Its latest offering, the Wyze Cam Outdoor (available during a Starter Bundle with a required hub for $49.99) is that the company’s first camera designed for outdoor use, and like its other models, it delivers sharp 1080p video for much less money than most of the competition.

It also supports Alexa and Google voice commands, works with other smart devices using IFTTT applets, and interacts with other Wyze products. All this earns it our Editors’ Choice for affordable outdoor security cameras.

wyze cam outdoor review

Introducing about wyze cam outdoor review

This camera uses an equivalent mobile app as other Wyze devices. once you open the app, you’ll see a home screen that lists all of your installed Wyze devices by name. The Cam Outdoor tab shows a still image of the last captured motion event and therefore the camera’s battery life.

Tap the tab to open a live stream that you simply can view in full-screen mode by turning your phone sideways.

At rock bottom of the display board are buttons for muting audio, manually recording video, initiating two-way audio communication, and taking a photograph . Tap the More button to display options for creating time-lapse recordings, scheduling recording times, enabling Motion Tagging that highlights moving images, viewing an album of photos and video recordings, and turning the camera off.

To access the camera’s settings, tap the gear icon within the upper right corner. Here you’ll enable event recording and motion notifications, configure motion zones and sensitivity, rotate the image 180 degrees (for upside-down mounting), and enable Travel Mode.

 this is often also where you’ll create recording schedules and configure Device Trigger rules to possess the camera interact with other Wyze products or to show notifications on and off with the touch of a shortcut button. to look at a history of all recorded events, tap the Events button on rock bottom of the house screen.

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About wyze cam outdoor review

Cover every corner of your home: Low profile base station; Connect up to 4 cameras to one base station and consider all video streams within the Wyze app; This starter bundle includes once Base Station and one camera.

Stand up to any weather: IP65 weather resistant; cause the downpours, blizzards, and heatwaves; Wyze Cam Outdoor is made from the ground-up to be a workhorse in even the harshest conditions.

Go where wires can’t: Wire-free & battery powered; Mount to the surface of your home or in your trees without running wire or checking out outlets; 2x-2,600 mAh integrated rechargeable batteries last from 3-6 months supported normal usage.

Seize the day, Illuminate the night: 1080P Full HD with Night Vision; Crisp video and live streaming with 25 ft, yard-illuminating night-sight allow you to see every detail on a face or whisker on a snout.

See who’s coming and going: Capture people and animals with 12-second motion-activated video recordings saved automatically to the cloud for 14-days free; Motion detection senses body heat using passive infrared (PIR) which reduces false alerts.

wyze cam outdoor review

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a reasonable weatherproof home security camera, the Wyze Cam Outdoor should definitely be within the running.

This model combines an outdoor-rated housing with a chargeable battery so you’ll put it just about anywhere within range of your Wi-Fi network — and, if you employ Travel Mode, well beyond the reaches of Wi-Fi.

Wyze gives you storage options with fortnight of free event-based video clips and therefore the built-in microSD card slot. The camera itself is straightforward to put in and performs well. it is a shame Wyze wasn’t ready to bring back free person alerts for everybody , although the corporate says it’ll revisit whether to charge for the feature within the future, if it’s ready to . Regardless, this is often an excellent camera that brings the simplest of the first indoor Wyze Cam outside.

wyze cam outdoor review

wyze cam outdoor review description

Our customers have inspired us over the last two years with videos of meteors racing across the sky, sunsets over mountain ranges we thought only existed in movies, and visits from mother nature within the sort of wildlife and spectacular lightning storms.

They’ve stretched the bounds of our indoor camera with use cases we never anticipated and conditions we thought impossible. They made makeshift outdoor housings out of milk jugs, 3D printings, and bird houses. They’re tenacity to travel beyond our prescribed instruction has made it clear we’d like to satisfy them with a camera which will continue with their curiosity.

Capturing the planet can’t happen when you’re limited to your front room , so we created a camera that goes beyond that. We spent two years on phone calls that carried into subsequent morning; on international flights where sleep became a luxury; and on user interviews taking note of what you wanted to ascertain in an outside camera. All leading up to a camera deserve taking care of your home and people within it. We cut wires, removed boundaries, and lab tested under every extreme condition imaginable.

We’ve built you a battle-hardened camera capable of going places your indoor camera wouldn’t even dream about—thriving within the rains of Seattle all the thanks to the heatwaves of Miami and everything in between. Performance-packed hardware and software found in cameras 3x the worth weren’t added to win a gift . They were added to earn your respect.

wyze cam outdoor review

Design and Features

The Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle ($49.99) comes with alittle base station hub, the camera, mounting hardware, and a LAN cable. the bottom station is white and measures 1.2 by 2.2 by 2.2 inches (HWD). It contains two adjustable antennas that stand 4 inches high and features a 10/100 Ethernet port, a USB port, an influence port, and a microSD card slot for saving video and photos locally.

It supports cards up to 32GB in size, but you’ll need to supply your own together isn’t included. the bottom station connects on to your router using the LAN cable, and connects to the camera using 802.11n Wi-Fi. you’ll connect up to four cameras to the station, and extra cameras choose $39.99 each.

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